Where To Go Camping Near London? (TOP 5 Tips)

For a weekend camping trip, where can I go in the vicinity of London?

  • There are 206 campgrounds in the vicinity of London. Aldenham Country Park is located in the town of Elstree in the county of Hertfordshire. Wild camping is only 12 miles from the heart of London, allowing you to be close to nature. Chapelfield Camping is located near Fordingbridge in Hampshire. In the New Forest National Park, you may enjoy comfortable pop-up camping with plenty of room. Dunn Street Farm is located in Westwell, Massachusetts.

Where can I camp outside of London?

The greatest camping spots in the vicinity of London

  1. The Fire Pit Camp, Norfolk.
  2. Holden Farm Camping, Hampshire.
  3. Alde Garden, Suffolk.
  4. The Secret Campsite, East Sussex.
  5. The Orchard Campsite, Suffolk.
  6. 8. Lee Valley Campsite, Essex.

Where can I camp for free London?

London’s wild camping locations include Epping Forest, Box Hill, Hampstead Heath, and Primrose Hill, all of which are popular with visitors. However, you are unlikely to obtain authorization, so maintain your secrecy.

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Can you wild camp in London?

In general, wild camping without the consent of the landowner is prohibited in the United Kingdom, Wales, and Northern Ireland.

Where can I pitch a tent London?

Campsites in the City of London (Near London)

  • There’s The Secret Campsite. There’s Eco Camp UK. There’s Welsummer. There’s Lee Valley Almost Wild Campsite. There’s Wingbury Farm Glamping. There’s Adhurst Yurts. There’s Town Farm Camping.

Where is wild camping allowed in UK?

Scotland is, in fact, the only part of the United Kingdom where wild camping is effectively permitted anywhere, according to the Property Reform (Scotland) Act 2003, which enables members of the public to camp on most unenclosed land.

Where can you camp in UK for free?

Where to go free camping in the United Kingdom (without a park)

  • If you want to truly free camp in the United Kingdom, Dartmoor is the place to go. You must be at least 100 metres away from any road. Moreover, be certain that your camp is..hidden from residential and roadway view.

Can I sleep in my campervan on the road UK?

Is it possible to sleep in an RV on the road? There is no explicit rule prohibiting people from sleeping in their motorhomes along the side of the roadway, except from the Caravan Sites Control of Development Act — and more subsequent regulations regulating gypsies and travellers.

Can you camp in your car UK?

According to UK law, wild camping is prohibited in any form without the consent of the landowner. This includes camping in a tent or RV, driving in a car, or using any other type of temporary lodging. While it may appear that some places are open to the public, they will in fact be privately owned.

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Can you camp on the beach?

Beachside camping is really prohibited on the majority of public beaches, so you’ll need to prepare ahead of time where you’ll be spending your time. It is possible to locate some of the nicest beaches away from the more famous tourists beaches, so don’t be afraid to explore areas that are less traveled.

Is stealth camping illegal UK?

Want to try your hand at wild camping but don’t want to get yourself into trouble? Wild camping is technically against the law in England, Wales, and Northern Ireland, and while we would never promote law-breaking behavior among our army of fans, we’ve compiled a list of loopholes and sites where you may pitch up with no worries.

Can I live in a tent UK?

A lot of individuals enjoy camping so much that they want to spend long amounts of time in their tents. If this is the case for you, read on. However, in the United Kingdom, it is not lawful to camp in a tent, even on private land, for more than 28 days without first receiving planning permission from the relevant authority.

What is the punishment for wild camping UK?

When it comes to camping, some individuals are so enamored with the experience that they want to stay in their tent for lengthy periods of time. The use of a tent on private land for more than 28 days without getting planning permission is, on the other hand, prohibited across the United Kingdom.

Can I camp in Epping Forest?

This form of ‘wild camping’ is prohibited in Epping Forest, as it is in any other part of England, unless you have obtained specific permission from the property owner. It is also not permitted to camp in RVs in the wilderness, and you will be escorted away by forest rangers regardless of whether there is a ‘No Camping’ sign posted or not.

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Where can I park my campervan in London?

Where to park an RV in and around London and the surrounding areas

  • Crystal Palace Caravan Club Site
  • Debden House
  • Lee Valley Camping and Caravanning Park
  • Abbey Wood Caravan Club Site
  • Chertsey Camping and Caravanning Club Site
  • Walton-on-Thames Camping and Caravanning Club Site
  • Apps Court
  • Lee Valley Caravan Park Dobbs Weir
  • Lee Valley Caravan

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