How Does Kiowa Feel About The Soldiers Camping At The Temple? (Perfect answer)

What is Kiowa’s opinion of the troops camped out at the Temple of the Sun? He believed that they were incorrect and inconsiderate of the situation.
What was Kiowa’s reasoning for refusing to enter the temple?

  • Alpha Company’s profoundly pious and (unusually for them) meticulous Kiowa was apprehensive about entering since he believed it was sacrilegious for the men to enter such a hallowed site. Despite this, the troops camped out for a week as the monks tended to their needs and concerns.
  • They took a particular like to Dobbins, referring to him as “Soldier Jesus.”

Why does Kiowa say it’s wrong to set up in a church?

What is it about setting up shop in a church that makes Kiowa think it’s wrong? Because there is the location where God resides. Kiowa has no desire to become a pastor, but he enjoys visiting churches. The sensations you have on the inside It’s ironic because he’s always carrying a bible around with him.

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What were the soldiers doing when Lavender was killed?

In the aftermath of Lavender’s death, what were the troops up to? They had just returned from a trip to underground complexes, and Lee Strunk had joined them. What exactly is the “good luck charm” that Norman Bowker carries about in his pocket? Mitchell Sanders gave him a thumbs up, and he took it.

What task do the monks help Henry Dobbins with?

The monks are particularly fond of Henry Dobbins, and they learn to assist him in cleaning his machine gun. Dobbins informs Kiowa that he may be able to join up with these monks when the conflict has concluded.

What do the soldiers mean by living the night life who did Tim get this story from?

What exactly do the troops mean when they say they’re “enjoying the night life”? The troops’ unit is always on the move throughout the nighttime hours. Who was it that Tim heard this tale about in “night life”? A cacophony of frightening noises erupted over the entire countryside.

Why is Kiowa against camping at the pagoda?

What was Kiowa’s reaction when he learned that he was going to be camping in a pagoda? Kiowa didn’t think it was a good idea since you shouldn’t meddle with churches, according to him. Dobbins has always been a little religious, and he has considered becoming a monk, but he is hesitant since he dislikes going to church on Sundays.

How does Kiowa feel about church?

Kiowa, on the other hand, claims that going to church makes him feel nice and tranquil because it helps him feel at peace. Afterwards, he claims that what the military are doing in the pagoda is improper, and that they shouldn’t be in the area because it is a religious building.

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How does Kiowa feel about Lavender’s death?

What exactly does Kiowa think about Lavender’s death? He is grateful to still be alive. Was Ted Lavender ever found out what happened to him? He has been shot.

What did Kiowa carry?

Kiowa is a hardworking and honest individual who is also thoughtful and empathetic. He is practical, wearing moccasins to be able to move discreetly and assisting his fellow troops in rationalizing their own regrettable acts, particularly O’Brien’s shooting of a young Vietnamese soldier, which he believes was justified.

What does Azar carry?

Azar is the one responsible for the deaths of pups. Literally. Upon learning of Ted Lavender’s adoption of a puppy, Azar ties the dog to an explosive and detonates it. Azar then fails to see why everyone is upset with him.

What advice did Kiowa give?

What was Kiowa’s piece of advice? Churches are not to be trifled with.

Why does Kiowa send Azar away?

In Kiowa’s opinion, Azar’s rude and filthy way of speaking about the deceased Vietnamese soldier is intolerable. Furthermore, he is aware of how much O’Brien is suffering as a result of his realization that he has killed a man. He want to give O’Brien some breathing room in order to come to grips with his actions.

What does Kiowa keep insisting Tim do?

What is it that Kiowa is always pressuring Tim to do? Kiowa is persistent in her desire for Tim to speak.

What did Kiowa say about Tim’s actions?

What did Kiowa have to say about Tim’s behavior? He told Tim that he had done a wonderful thing today by not approaching the deceased and by not acting in a rude manner like the other troops.

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How did Mitchell Sanders reply to Tim’s request How did Azar respond?

Mitchell Sanders’ response to Tim’s request may be seen here. Mitchell Sanders has revealed that he is ill. What was Azar’s response? He stated that he is interested.

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