Breathe Free is a movement to help make Cowlitz County a healthy living area. Breathing Free teaches how eating smart, being active, and how fresh air can benefit our health and quality of life in Cowlitz County. 

Second Hand Smoking

Secondhand smoke can come in two forms, mainstream and sidestream. The smoke exhaled by a smoker is mainstream. Sidestream smoke is smoke from the direct tobacco product containing higher concentrations of cancer causing agents. Second hand smoke has the same harmful chemicals that smokers inhale. There's no safe level of exposure for second hand smoke and can leave nonsmokers with the risk of lung cancer, diseases, increased risk of cardiac arrest and stroke, and other cancers.


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The Solution to quitting


1. Mentally prep yourself

Give yourself time and plan for it. Get rid of ashtrays and smoke related items.

2. Control Craving

Try hypnosis, acupuncture, behavior modifications, go to non-smoking places, avoid smoking triggers such as coffee and alcohol. Altering habits associated with smoking may make it easier to quit. 

3. Prevent a relapse

Do not try one more cigarette instead take a brisk walk, practice deep breathing or learn to meditate.


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