The purpose of Cowlitz On The Move is to develop and fund a broad spectrum of policy, systems, and environmental change strategies for the betterment of all of Cowlitz County. The Cowlitz On The Move Healthy Lifestyles Coalition is dedicated to creating a healthier community full of opportunities to eat healthy, be active, and breathe clean air.

A Prevention Platform – Strategies to Reduce and Prevent Chronic Disease and Associated Risk Factors. The Cowlitz On The Move Platform is a focused list of policy, system and environmental strategies based on sound research, feasibility factors, and level of partner engagement needed for success. Many of these strategies align with the works of the State Prevention Alliance and the Southwest Regional Coalition.

Cowlitz On The Move identifies four priority areas for change: Healthy Eating, Active Living, Tobacco Smoke-Free Living, and Clinical Linkages. 

David Vorse

Castle Rock Public Works Dept.

Director of Public Works

Gayle Reid

Outreach Worker

Cowlitz County Health & Human Services Departments

Lindsey Cope

Cowlitz Economic Development Coucil

Community Engagement Director

Paul Youmans
Ron Junker

Pathways 2020

Executive Director 


Retired Public Works Director