If you would like to go for a day trip that you will never forget, try this one. From Woodland , Washington (I-5 exit 21), drive east on 503. You will pass by the three dams on the North Fork Lewis River . First is Merwin. There is a nice park here if you want to take a little rest stop and view Lake Merwin . Driving on up the highway you will have access to beautiful view points suitable for taking pictures or just looking out at the amazing scenery. The next reservoir is Yale. Keep on driving and you will come to Swift Dam and reservoir. On the Eastern end of Swift you arrive at Eagle Cliff Park and cross over the river. From here on up the river is unaffected by any dams and is free flowing all the way to Mt. Adams . It is 60 miles from Woodland to the Lower Lewis River Falls. Visit the link below for more information:



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